Psychological Principles That Can Boost Your Business

There are a wide variety of psychological principles that you can apply to your particular business if you are looking to boost production or when a very important negotiation.

So in this article we are going to go over some different principles that you can use in order to push your business in the right direction.

– The foot in the door

In a nutshell, if you can get your superiors to agree too much smaller increments of change you will eventually increase your chances of success of implementing the full change you want. For example, asking to work from home only a couple hours during one day of the week will lead to a greater chance of you being able to work from home indefinitely.

The key here is to not shock the person you are trying to influence was too much in one instance. You want to gradually escalate your demands.

– Door in the face

In contrast to the foot in the door technique, this technique involves making such an outrageous offer that a more modest offer seems reasonable. In this case, the modest offer should be your ultimate goal.

This technique is extremely useful in negotiating circumstances where you ask for more in order to get exactly what you want which is less.

– The list position effect

This effect is most useful when dealing with written prose. Whenever you have a list what comes at the beginning and at the end is remember the most.

So if you are going to write down a list that has to be looked over by a superior or by a marketing department try to include the most important items during the beginning and during the and.

– Perceived expertise

Multiple research studies have shown that it is very easy to manipulate perceived expertise. The simple act of being more articulate and sunny more confident in your speech will make you seem as a more credible source.

So in addition to having a baseline amount of credentials a solid understanding of how body communication affects perception is also critical in this area.

Well here we have a wide variety of psychological techniques that you can employ in your workplace or in your business environment in order to maximize efficiency and win negotiations.

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The Psychology of Health and Fitness

As the average worker spends more and more time at the desk, increasing rates of obesity have driven up health care costs and have created a substantial burden on business financials.

To counteract this, many companies are now offering fitness incentives to get their employees exercising more and staying in shape.

So in this article we are going to go over the psychology behind proper health and fitness so that your employees can reach their ultimate goal.

– Time bound goals

Any goal whether it be to increase health or to increase weight loss has to have a time bound component to it. If a goal is not restricted by a very specific amount of allotted time it is less likely to be achieved.

– Constant visualization

A constant visual reminder of the end point is absolutely critical in order to maintain motivation and forward progress. In this case, a simple picture or a simple symbol that represents what the employee is trying to achieve can provide as an instantaneous source of motivation.

– Specific goals

The goal of trying to get in shape or change one’s appearance is very vague. More specialized and specific goals will lead to more specific action.

So the most important strategy here is to define very specific goals. For example, it is much better to have a goal of losing one pound per week then to have a goal of increasing your health.

Vague action will always lead to vague accomplishment.

– The right social network

A culture of fitness and health will go a long ways in terms of keeping everybody aligned. When employees are surrounded by negative influences like an endless supply of unhealthy food and a culture that does not recognize health and fitness they are more likely to not stick with their end goal.

So it is vitally critical that a culture of health and fitness runs from the top to the bottom and the bottom to the top.

All of these psychological principles can help push your organization towards a healthier living.

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