How to Get Local Customers for Your Business

The days of simply opening a brick and mortar business and waiting for customers to peruse your wares are over. The infinite amount of products available via the web make it extremely difficult to sell for low prices. The fact that online businesses don’t have as much overhead as a storefront means that they can sell their products for way cheaper. The good news in all of this doom and gloom is that you can use the same tactics the online guys use to sell your products locally. Here are a few things you should have in order before you start.

Have Your Customers Review Your Location

A good review is what we like to call social proof. Social proof is a term used describe the psychology behind why some humans do what they do. For example, a study was done on a group of people in a park area. A man was told to scream out for help as if he was hurt. The man did and the bystanders continued to walk by as he looked to be homeless. The same experiment was done with the same man but another individual was told to go to the aid of the man. After this happened you started to see others walking pass come to the aid of the hurt man. This is social proof in all of its glory. Humans don’t move unless they see someone else moving first. They use the logic of if no one else is helping the man they must know something is wrong.

To use social proof as a weapon you must get others to make the decision to buy for the others. If people read a review about how well they were treated and how awesome your store is they are more likely to patronize your business! Now go out and use social proof to your advantage.

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